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I am a professional photographer who specializes not only in cosplay photography but also in Fashion, Weddings, Engagements, Event and Maternity shoots. Although I covered previous cons before such as NYCC, I officially took cosplay photography more seriously during Katsucon of 2017.  Since then I have made an effort to try to go to as many cons as I can. I not only attend cons at the East Coast but all over the US as well as Canada and England. I plan on attending many more cons from all over the globe so I can cover all the awesome cosplay creations by everyone around the US and world. 


This site was created to showcase my cosplay photography work. It features my cosplay coverage of all the comic/anime cons I have attended as well a most of the cosplay individual photoshoots I haved photographed recently.


If you would like to see my other work please go to