CosplayEnthusiast: Blog en-us (C) MomentoTempus LLC - All Rights Reserved (CosplayEnthusiast) Mon, 11 May 2020 01:57:00 GMT Mon, 11 May 2020 01:57:00 GMT CosplayEnthusiast: Blog 120 96 Katsucon 2020 Katsucon 2020 was awesome as always. It maybe the last con of the year due to his whole Corona crisis. At the time I didn't know it could be the last con of the year but if it was it was an fantastic con to attend. Katsucon has always been known as the first con of the year where cosplayers all over the US and world showcase their new cosplays for the year and this year there were a lot of cool cosplays from so many talented cosplayers. I only shot with a few people this year but today enjoyed my time covering the con and partying with friends. Hoping that cons will come back soon.



Rei and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion




Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot) and Katsuki Bakugo (Kacchan)




Mercy from Overwatch - @ironkitty


Morpeko from Pokemon - @xjay_cosplay




Shadow Sae from Persona 5- Iri Corpse Cosplay




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Dutch Comic Con Nov 2019 My last con of the year was overseas at Dutch Comic Con the November Edition. I attended this con last March and totally enjoyed it so I wanted to come by again and see what the Nov Edition was like. Although not as big as the Spring version the con was still fun. Dutch con fans and cosplayers are so super friendly. I didn't get to shoot as much outside as I had wanted to because it was cold but I did manage to get some shoots in thanks to these cosplayers that were willing to go outside. Overall, definitely a fun con and a must if you are in Holland.



Princess Peachette - @solariacos


Chompettese - @winterknight_cos


Krato from God of War - @minoekvanes


KDA Akali- @denzhy




Blackcat- @simplylindacosplay




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Colossal Con East 2019 ColossalCon East is an fun con to attend. This is the east cost version of Colossal Con held at same resort, Kalahari in Pennsylvania . Although last year I spent alot of time covering cosplays, this year I decided to hang out and enjoy the resort chilling at the hot tub and going on all the water rides. It was so refreshing to attend a con where I didn't focus on taking photos. I did spend a few hours taking photos of cosplayers I knew at the con. Samples are below. Overall an awesome con to attend and the last one to mark the end of the Summer.



Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion - @jessakidding


Billy from Stranger Things - @spideyluc


Lulu from Final Fantasy X - @IriCorpseCosplay


Maleficent- @idkgravity




Shimakaze from Kantai- @arabella_kat




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ColossalCon East 2019

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Dragon Con 2019 Dragoncon is one my must-go cons of the year and has been so since I started attending 3 years ago. I almost skipped going this year but decided to go at the end. I am so glad I did go. Dragoncon is so much fun. I totally love the partying at the Marriot and seeing all my friends from all over the country. There are so many awesome cosplays to cover during the con. Although I wish I had gotten to cover more cosplayers I am very happy with the cosplayers I did get to cover. I hope to come back again next year. This is a con that everyone all over the world should attend at least once.



Starfire -


Scarlett Witch - @xkirakelly


Dabi - My Hero Acadamia - @remydominocosplay


Cheetah - @casabellacosplay






Magik - @spooky.fae




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Dragoncon 2019




(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con Animecon animecosplay Animegirl bnha bokunoheroacademia Cheetah Cheetah Cosplay comiccon cosplay Cosplay Blog cosplay photography cosplayenthusiast cosplayer Cosplaygirl cosplayphotography cosplayphotogs cosplays Dragon Con Dragon Con 2019 Dragoncon Dragoncon2019 Magic Cosplay Magik My Hero Academia Scarlett Witch Cosplay ScarlettWitch Starfire Starfire Cosplay Xmen Xmen Cosplay Thu, 17 Oct 2019 01:46:35 GMT
Otakuthon 2019 This year I set out go to cons that I have not been to outside the US. Once country in particular was Canada. I went to Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Otakuthon in Montreal was my last Canadian con of the year and what a way to end my Canadian tour of cons this year. Montreal is such a beautiful city and such a perfect place to host Otakuthon. It is a Canadian city but felt European due to official language being French Canadian. You can still get by on English though as most people speak it.  The con was in the convention center and it was packed with so many people. This is their biggest con of the year. Although I was only here for a short weekend I got to experience the con and meet new cosplayers. I definitely hope to come back again.



Princess Peach (Armor Version) - @Tsarina_Cosplay


Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins - @Sorryforthedelayyy


Enenra (smoke demon) from Onmyoji - @Ayame.hime


Ariel from The Little Mermaid - @Alittleandroid


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Otakuthon 2019

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SDCC 2019 This was my first time going to San Diego Comic Con or SDCC and I totally enjoyed the experience. San Diego is such a lovely city. The weather was so nice not humid like the east coast. The whole vibe was so chill. I got to experience walking around the Gas Lamp district which totally changes during SDCC. Roads are closed down so certain portions of the Gas Lamp District are closed to the public for comic con related events. There were so many special events outside the con where you can play games and win prizes. Themes include Rick and Morty, Fox and South Park. The floor inside the con was huge with so many awesome exhibits. There were cosplays but not as much as other cons. I did manage to snag a few but I mostly walked around for the SDCC experience. I hope to go back one day since I totally enjoyed the whole event.



Mary Jane - @bekejacoba


Wonder Woman - @ambrose_cosplay


Raphtalia from the Rising of the Shield Hero - @ami_isley


Gwen Pool - @raineemery



Nanashimura - @bukkitbrown


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SDCC 2019

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Yeti Con 2019 F II was not at all familiar with Yeti Con so I was not sure about attending. I only heard about it from my Canadian Cosplay friends. In fact I wasn't even planning on attending but last minute my friend had an open room so I booked the flight and car rental (2 hours away from Toronto)  and attended. Although at first I thought it would be sort of like Colossal con since the video had a pool and jacuzzi, it was not like Colossal Con. It was different and I liked the chilled vibe. The con is held at a ski resort. The area is beautiful. There were so many nice areas to shoot. Although I spent most of the con enjoying the activities such as the Ridge Racer and Timber Challenged I did managed to take some photos of cosplayers for a bit. I will definitely go back if I can since this cos was so laid back and I always enjoy spending time in Canada.



Jessie from Team Rocket - @shaunascarlett


Storm - @meltingmirror_cosplay


KDA Akali - @ayame.hime


Seras Victoria - @spooky.fae


Dark Knight from Final Fantasy 7 - @wreck_it_ronnie

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Yeti Con 2019

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Colossal Con 2019 This was the first time I attended the main Colossal Con or Colossal Prime as some people call it. The drive there was long, well over 8-9 hours but it was well worth it. I attend Colossal Con East last Sept but by then the only place to shoot was inside. However with this con you can shoot at the outdoor water park. The cosplays are mostly swim wear versions of various anime/comic characters and they all looked beautiful. I am so happy to shoot with cosplayers I know and meeting new cosplayers. The after parties were mostly at the Villas which did not disappoint. I was a little disappointed that because it rained Sat all Villa parties were canceled as well as the hot tub. I feel that they could have opened the hot tub but since half of it was outside I understand. Overall though I am glad I finally got to go to the main Colossal Con.



Zero 2 - @Pashavixen


Lady Thanos - @mashacosplays


Garterbelt from Panty and Stocking - @angels_n_demons_cosplay


Jessie from Team Rocket - @ironkitty


Gizmo from Gremlins - @labinnak


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MCM London Comic Con May 2019 This was my third time going to MCM London Comic Con and I totally had a blast. The first time I went was in May which was the same time this year. Last year I attended the Oct edition and though I also had a blast it was cold. This time around the weather was perfect at least for English weather :). This is totally one con you should consider when going to a con outside the US or Canada. There were so many awesome cosplays all around. English and European cosplayers have totally stepped up their game when it comes to cosplay.



Lord Beerus - @ErinOmegaCosplay


Punisher - @Little.Wolff


Snow White - @Solariacos


Bride Harley Quinn - @Jessica_Heeren_Cosplay


X23 - @Mistress.of.Mischief_


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MCM London Comic Con May 2019


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Calgary Expo 2019 I never planned on attending Calgary Comic and Entertainment  Expo but after having such an awesome time meeting new cosplayers in Vancouver Fan Expo I decided to try out Calgary Comic and Entertain Expo of Calgary Expo for short.  Having been to the west and east coast parts of Canada I said to myself that I might as well try out the middle.  Even though it was cold there and I even experience a blizzard which is normal there for Spring I still had a great time. I met many new canadian cosplayers as well as some from Latin America. Overall it was a nice con to attend.



Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland - @koolyncos

Alice from Alice and Wonderland -


Wonderwoman - @gladzykei


Musketeer from Granado Espada - @shermie_cos


Playboy Bunny Bulma from DragonBallZ - @nadyasonika


Zero 2 from Darling in the Franxx - @zombaebby



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Calgary Entertainment and Comic Expo 2019


(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con animecosplay Animegirl bulma Bulma cosplay Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2019 Calgary Expo canadian cosplay Canadian Cosplayers Cosplay cosplay photography cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers Cosplayers of Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2019 Cosplaygirl cosplayphotography cosplays Cosplays of Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2019 Darling in the Franxx Darling in the Franxx Cosplay Latina Cosplayer wonder woman cosplay Zerotwo Zerotwo Cosplay Thu, 09 May 2019 02:46:30 GMT
Wondercon 2019 This was the 2nd time I attended Wonderon and like last year I had a great time. The con is held at the Anaheim Convention center which is near Disneyland which attracts many cosplayers from not just the US but all over the world to attend so they can attend Wondercon and go to Disneyland. This con is like the west coast version of Katsucon. The weather was beautiful and overall vibe was chill. I love going to this con since I get to see so many cosplayers from the west coast that I would not normally get a chance to see back east. If there is a con to go to on the west coast I would definitley recommend Wondercon.




Mary jane - @sylviaslays



Camie from My Hero Academia - @feisty_vee




Mera - @captainkayceecosplay



She-Ra - @sunchildcosplay


Poison Ivy @kyrramarie


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Wondercon 2019

(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con Animecosplay Animegirl bnha bokunoheroacademia Camiecosplay comiccon Cosplay Cosplay Enthusiast cosplay photography cosplayenthusiast cosplayer Cosplayers cosplayers of wondercon cosplayers of wondercon 2019 Cosplaygirl cosplayphotography cosplayphotogs cosplays cosplays of wondercon Mary Jane Watson spiderman Mera Mera Cosplay My Hero Academia Poison Ivy PoisonIvy She-ra Sher-Ra Cosplay Wondercon wondercon 2019 Thu, 09 May 2019 02:46:20 GMT
Dutch Comic Con 2019 On of my goals this year is to cover different cons not just from the US but from all over the globe. I have been to Holland before and when I found out that they have a con there I decided to head back. Dutch Comic Con was such a wonderful experience. The con was much bigger than I had imagine and the cosplayers I meet were all so very nice. Cosplay is definitely growing outside the US. I cannot wait to go back.


BlackCat - @multifluffyness

SpiderGwen - @sakuraflorr


Margaerytyrell from Game of Thrones - @m_mellu


Alice Madness Returns - @wigandresscos



Nick Fury - @Dutch_Nickfury



Akali from KDA - @winterknight_cos


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Dutch Comic Con 2019

(CosplayEnthusiast) Alice Madness Returns Anime animecosplay Animegirl Black Cat Cosplay Cosplay cosplay photography cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers Cosplaygirl cosplayphotography cosplays Cosplays of Dutch Comic Con Cosplays of Dutch Comic Con 2019 Dutch Comic Con Dutch Comic Con 2019 Dutch Cosplay Dutch Cosplayers Game of Thrones Game of Thrones cosplay KDA Cosplay Margaery Tyrell Cosplay Nick Fury Cosplay Russian Cosplay russian cosplayer Spider Gwen Spider Gwen Cosplay Spidergwen Thu, 09 May 2019 02:46:09 GMT
Vancouver Fan Expo 2019 This year I want to attend different cons from across the US and world. When a friend invited me to come to Vancouver Fan Expo I immediately jumped at the opportunity to go. I have been to Vancouver before and familiar with the area. The Vancouver Convention Center was where the con was going to be held and I knew that the views their would be stunning. Although it was cold out I manage to take a few shot outs as well as work with many new cosplayers from Canada.


Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends - @cherryamaru


Chutotoru, Totoro, Chibitoro from My Neighbortotoro - @ellipsescosplay



Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins - @danica_rockwood



Tifa from Final Fantasy - @maruwins



Elizabeth from 7 Deadly Sins - @nic._.cos

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Vancouver Fan Expo 2019


(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con Animegirl Canadian Cosplayers Cosplay cosplay photography cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers Cosplayers of Vancouver Fan Expo 2019 cosplayphotography cosplays Cosplays of Vancouver Fan Expo Fan Expo Vancouver Fan Expo Vancouver 2019 My Neighbor Totoro Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Tifa Cosplay Vancouver Fan Expo Vancouver Fan Expo 2019 Thu, 09 May 2019 02:45:59 GMT
Katsucon 2019 Katuscon 2019 was so awesome. This is the first major con in the east coast at least to showcase everyone's newest cosplays that they have been working on during the winter and there were many. Although I did not get a chance to all the newest cosplays from everyone attending I did manage to shoot with some. Below are some samples of the cosplayers I was fortunate enough to work with during Katsucon. I can't wait t attend again next time.



Todoroki - @RemyDominocosplay


Spider Gwen - @__Sturmtochter__


Ahri from Kda - @ayame.hime


Helg - @cowbuttcrunchies


Bakugo - @kennedy_cosplays


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Katusucon 2019

(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con Animecon animecosplay Animegirl Bakugo bokunoheroacademia cosplay cosplay photography Cosplay" cosplayenthusiast cosplayer Cosplayers cosplayers of katsucon 2019 Cosplaygirl cosplayphotography cosplays cosplays of katsucon genderbend Gwen katsucon katsucon 2019 My Hero Academia Spider Spider Gwen Spider Gwen Cosplayer spidergwen Todoroki Todoroki Cosplay Todoroki Cosplayer Thu, 09 May 2019 02:45:41 GMT
Magfest 2019 The first con of the year for me was Magfest 2019. This is my second magfest and just like last year I totally enjoyed the experience. Magfest is held at the Gaylord National Resort National Harbor in MD, the same place Katsucon is held. Where as Katsucon is catered more towards cosplay and is much bigger, Magfest is catered more toward gamers. It is primarily a gaming con but there are still many cosplays throughout the con. I saw many awesome cosplayers walking around and having a fun time. I had a great time working on shoots with  cosplayers and enjoying the overall vibe throughout the con. This definitely a fun con and a prep for the big one coming up which is Katuscon!




Sakura from Naruto - @TheTwistedKiwi_52


Lust from Full Metal Alchemy - @TheLovelyShark


Catwoman - @TheBawbMobile


Cindy from Final Fantasy - @Enosh1Ma


Forsworncosplay from Skyrim - @GhostieeMuffinnCosplay


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(CosplayEnthusiast) anime anime cosplay animecon animecosplay blog" catwoman catwoman cosplay cindy cosplay cosplay Cosplay Enthusiast cosplay girl Cosplay Photoshoot cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers cosplayers of magfest cosplayers of magfest 2019 cosplayphotogs cosplays cosplays of magest cosplays of magfest 2019 cute cosplay DC Comics dccomics final fantasy 15 final fantasy cosplay final fantasy XV forsworn forsworn cosplay Full Metal Alchemist gamer gamer girl gamergirl kawaii Kawaii cosplay lust cosplay magfest magfest 2019 Naruto Naruto Cosplay Sakura Sakura cosplay skyrim Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:52:17 GMT
Holiday Matsuri 2018 This was the first time I attended Holiday Matsuri or Holmat as everyone refers to it and all I can say is what an awesome experience. Holmat is the last major con of the year in the East Coast that is held at the World Center Marriot hotel in Orlando Florida. Many Cosplayers from all over the country and world attend this con not only because of the con itself but also to attend Disney World and the other theme parks in the area. Since it is held in December many of the cosplays are Holiday inspired. I saw so many awesome holiday themed cosplays as well as some original ones too. The overall vibe to the con was so festive. Overall the con is definitely in my list as one of the cons to attend. I totally enjoyed the experience and miss the con.




Todoroki - @remydominocosplay


Luke Cage - @Fire_Forged_Cosplay


Supergirl - @ladyashexii


Stargirl - @dani.darko_


Sakura from Naruto - @thetwistedkiwi_52


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Holiday Matsuri 2018

(CosplayEnthusiast) anime anime con anime cosplay anime girls animegirl bnha Bolunoheroacademia chistmas christmas cosplay cosplay cosplay girl cosplay girls cosplay photography cosplay photoshoot cosplayer cosplayers cosplays holiday matsuri Holiday Matsuri 2018 holmat Holmat 2018 luke cage cosplay lukecage merry christmas my hero academia Naruto netflix Sakura cosplay sexy cosplay sexy cosplayers stargirl stargirl cosplay supergirl Supergirl cosplay todoroki todoroki cosplay Sat, 29 Dec 2018 15:37:02 GMT
Anime NYC 2018 Anime NYC 2018 was a blast. This is Anime NYC's 2nd year and it has become so much bigger than last year. The con is held at the Jacob Javitz Convention center the same area where NYCC is held a month before. Last year was its first year and not to many people were aware of it. This year, however, attendance was much higher than last year and from what I see, this will keep growing every year until it rivals NYCC. Walking around the convention center was so awesome, as there were so many great displays on anything anime related from merchandise, to anime previews as well as video games. Of course, the main attraction for me was covering all the awesome cosplays. There were so many this year compared to last and each year the cosplays get so much better. Overall I totally enjoyed Anime NYC and can't wait for next year.



Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins - @jenevievedevereauxcosplay


Sakura from StreetFighter - @idkgravity


Alien Queen/Minaashido - @simplyarabella


Nana Shimura - @mjdarling_


Chun Li - @miss_gidget


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Anime NYC 2018




(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Con anime fan' Anime NYC Anime NYC 2018 animenyc bnha Bokunoheroacademia cosplay cosplay girls cosplay photography cosplay photoshoot cosplay" cosplayer cosplayers cosplays girl" My Hero Academia Myheroacademia Seven Deadly Sins Street Fighter Cosplay Street Fighter V Thu, 29 Nov 2018 04:16:58 GMT
London MCM Comic Con Oct 2018 This is my 2nd time going to London for MCM London Comic Con. The con is held twice a year, May and Oct. Last year I went in May. This time I attended in Oct. Although it was much colder than I had thought I still managed to capture many awesome cosplays from not just the UK but all over Europe and the world. I always enjoy going to cons outside the US so I can see all the talented cosplayers from all over the world. This was such a great con to cover and highly recommend it for those that want to experience a con outside the US.



Jean Grey/Dar Phoenix - @kocari_coslay


Sumia from Fire Emblem - @Anaelic_


Uraraka Ochaka - @Tearastar


Zelda - @Princess_Charmless


SpiderWoman - @mistress.of.mischief_


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London MCM Comic Con Oct 2018

(CosplayEnthusiast) bnha bokunoheroacademia cosplay cosplay photography cosplayer cosplayers cosplaylife cosplayphotography cosplayphotoshoots cosplays fire emblem cosplay Jean Grey cosplay' Jeangrey Legend of Zelda MCM London Comic Con MCM London Comic Con 2018 MCM London Comic Con 2018 cosplays MCM London Comic Con Cosplays MCM London Cominc Con cosplays MCMCLondonComiccon my hero academia spiderwoman uk cosplayer ukcosplayer Uraraka Uraraka Cosplay Zelda Zelda Cosplay Fri, 16 Nov 2018 06:49:56 GMT
ThyGeekdom Con 2018 This is the first time I attended Thygeekdom con and although it is a smaller con thats held in the Greater Philadelpia Expo Center, it was still fun attending. I not only covered the event for the con but also go to shoot a few cosplayers one on one. Outside the convention center there is a wonderfull area to shoot. Overall, its a awesome low key con to enjoy.



Loki - @S_pumpkadoodle


Supergirl - @Serahchucosplay


Wonder Woman - @Joecoltoncosplay


Harley Quinn - @Elfcosplay


Daenerys Targaryen - @Jeannie_Town


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ThyGeekdom Con 2018


(CosplayEnthusiast) cosplayphotography cosplayphotoshoots cosplay cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers cosplaylife cosplays cosplays" Daenerys Targaryen Daenerys Targaryen cosplay game gameofthrones genederbend harley quinn cosplay harleyquinn Loki cosplay of supergirl Supergirl cosplay genderbend genderbender thrones" thygeekdom thygeekdomcon thygeekdomcon 2018 wonderwoman wonderwoman cosplay Fri, 16 Nov 2018 06:45:49 GMT
Anime USA 2018 This was my second year attending Anime USA and I totally enjoyed it. Although not as big as other Anime Cons, it attracts many cosplayers from  the area and has a great vibe to it for all attendees. This year I was part of the staff covering events but I did get some time to cover various cosplays throughout the event.  The con is held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C. which is a perfect hotel for photoshoots. The hotel has a section filled with Mirrors and an beautiful hallway for photos.  There were many nice cosplays all around. Overall a wonderful experience. 




Cammy_Bison - @Marl_ena


Yumeko from Kakeguri - @freakyfoxcosplay


Bowette - @Pokidokidoki


NightWalker from Princess Mononoke - @Labinnak


Emma Frost - @Anabcosplay


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Anime USA 2018

(CosplayEnthusiast) 2018 Anime Anime USA Anime USA 2018 Anime USA 2018 Cosplay Coverage Anime USA Cosplay animecon animecosplay animefan animeusa AnimeUSA2018 Cosplay Cosplay Photography cosplay photoshoots Cosplay" cosplayenthusiast cosplayer cosplayers cosplayphotography cosplayphotoshoots cosplays Coverage" emma frost Street Fighter Cosplay StreetFighter USA Fri, 16 Nov 2018 05:35:32 GMT
New York Comic Con 2018 I always look forward to attending New York Comic Con and this year once again did not disappoint. NYCC is the world 2nd largest comic con next to the International Comic Con in San Diego. There were so many wonderful cosplays  from people all over the US as well as the world. Covering the cosplays of NYCC is so much fun. Although I have tons of photos, there were so many more cosplays I wish I could have covered. Overall, if you have not been to NYCC I suggest you try to attend next year. It is such a fun and awesome experience.




Sue Storm - @SerenaCosplay


Muriko - @Jenevievedevereauxcosplay


Colossus - @Babsbutcher


Sisters of Battle from Warhammer - @KawaiiMayhem


Zero 2 in Streliza Armour - @Zombaebby



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NYCC 2018



(CosplayEnthusiast) Anime Anime Cosplay Animecon AnimeCosplay Animegirl BNHA Bokunoheroacademia" ComicBooks Cosplay Cosplayenthusiast Cosplayenthusiasts Cosplayer Cosplayers Cosplaygirl Cosplayphotography Cosplayphotogs Cosplays Cute Cosplay Darling in the Franxx Muriko My Hero Academia New York Comic Con New York Comic Con 2018 NewYork NYC NYCC NYCC Cosplay NYCC Cosplays NYCC2018 Sue Storm Warhammer Warmmer cosplay Xmen Xmen cosplay Zero2 Thu, 15 Nov 2018 04:55:45 GMT
ColossalCon East 2018 Colossal Con East  was so much fun. This is the first time I attended a ColossalCon and it totally lived up to the hype. The Waterpark was an awesome place to do photoshoots of all the swimwear versions of various cosplay characters. After the shoots, the waterpark itself was so much fun. You could either go to the rides or chill at the hot tub. Oh and the famous Kalahari drinks were so good and so strong. :) Overall such a good time covering Colossal East. I can't wait to go there again next year. :)



Swim Ann from Persona5 - @Luxlocosplay


Morrigan - @livicolecosplay


Mera - @jenevievedevereauxcosplay


Lene - FireEmblem - @heather.starsailor


Juri @IriCorpseCosplay


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ColossalCon East 2018



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DragonCon 2018 I had so my fun attending Dragoncon again this year. Shooting at the park, the Hilton and the Aquarium was so much fun. I saw lots of awesome cosplayers, some I knew and some I met for the first time.  Many of the cosplays were spectacular.  The overall mood was so chill, since many people attend to party. Drinking was all day long and at night most people were partying at the Marriot. Overall an excellent time as always. I can't wait to attend again next year!




Zombra - @hanecosplay


Cable - @Kawaiimayhem


Todoroki - @remydominocosplay


Black Canary - @Lemonbell


Snow White - @Witchy.brew


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Dragoncon 2018

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Otakon 2018 Otakon is on of the largest Anime cons in the North East and is held at the Walter E. Washington Convention center in Washington DC. This was my second time at Otakon and had another great experience. The atmosphere was chill and the weather was not as bad as last year. We shot outside the church. Although I didn't cover as many cosplays as I did last year I did manage to cover some awesome cosplays and work with many cosplayers I worked with before. Overall another excellent anime con.



Camie (My Hero Academia) - @livicolecosplay


Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX) -@livicolecosplay


Ichigo (Darling in the Franxx) - @rincosplaynyc


Battle Bunny Rivin (League of Legends) -@milkymeows


Mary Jane - @milkymeows


Darling in the Franxx

Ikuno -  @jeminicosplay

Kokoro - @niknokos

Zerotwo - @kassarilla

Miku - @lotakuu_

Ichigo - @rincosplaynyc

Goro - @baelfirecosplay


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Otakon 2018


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AnimeExpo 2018 This was my first year going to Anime Expo, the largest Anime Con in the US. It was an awesome experience. This con was held in the Los Angeles Convention center in LA with more than 100,000 guests from all over the world attending.  I didn't get a chance to shoot that many cosplays due to the weather being so hot. Everyday the temperature was at least 93 or above. I did manage to make the most of it and did get to work with various cosplayers, some from cons before and some new ones. Overall I had a positive experience. I was able to photograph a number of beautiful cosplays and hang out with my con buddies partying each night. 


Below are some of my cosplay pics from the con:



Morrigan - @jennakynnmeowri


Gnar - @rolyatistaylor


Aquaman - @pideyluc

Clay_Mineta_2018_ AX_1Clay_Mineta_2018_ AX_1

Cementoss - @987_kuma

Mineta - @kitsunekuma


Pharah - @Zombaebby

Dragon_2018_ AX_1Dragon_2018_ AX_1

Soridormi - @k8sarkissian


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Anime Expo 2018

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Anime Next 2018 Coverage AnimeNext is one of my favorite cons. I get to see so many cosplayers that I know from the east cost and get to hang out at Atlantic City to party at night. The Con is held at the convention center and most of the shoots are held around that area. However, there are some who venture out to the beach to shoot which is what me and my team do all the time for Anime Next. This year there were so many MyHeroAcademia cosplays. I shot many of those as well as other awesome cosplays from the show.


Below is my cosplay coverage for AnimeNext 2018.


Midnight_Endevour_Anext_Blog_1Midnight_Endevour_Anext_Blog_1 Midnight - @livicolecosplay

Endevour - @rincoslaynyc


Froppy - @evvils

Deku - @paul_might


Himikotoga - @manda_eevee


Himikotoga - @manda_eevee

Froppy - @evvils

Deku - @paul_might

Midnight - @livicolecosplay

Endevour - @rincoslaynyc

Allmight - @duelscreens

Dabi - @hybrid_winter

Shigaraki - @cryoproductions


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AnimeNext 2018

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Anime North 2018 Coverage Hi All

Welcome to the Cosplay Enthusiast Blog! This Blog will focus on my experience as a cosplay photographer. I cover all items relating to cosplay as well as showcase my experience covering all the comic/anime cons I attend.

In my very first blog post I will talk about my experience covering the Cosplays of AnimeNorth.

This is the first time attending a Con in Canada and I totally enjoyed it. AnimeNorth is held in the Toronto near the Pearson International Airport. It is held at the Toronto Congress building usually during Memorial day weekend. The atmosphere and vibe overall was so much fun. Below are some pics of the awesome cosplays of Anime North 2018


Totally Spies





Tornado - @eliselaurenne

Lordboros - @brandonogilberto


Lola Bunny -  @luxlocosplay


ZeroTwo - @rushkamyao


Lolipop Chainsaw - @xlunaxtreme


Mercy - @ghastics



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AnimeNorth 2018


(CosplayEnthusiast) . Anime North Anime North 2018 AnimeNorth AnimeNorth2018 Brandonogilberto Brandonogilberto bodysuits Canadian Cosplays Cosplay Cosplay Enthusiast cosplay photographer cosplayenthusiast Cosplayers Cosplays Lola Bunny Cosplay Lollipop Chainsaw Cosplay Lord Boros Cosplay Mercy Mercy Cosplay Tornado Cosplay Totally Spies Cosplay Zero2 Cosplay Sun, 01 Jul 2018 04:52:33 GMT